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jean-victor-balin-graphics-rounded-800pxMany problems can be solved by means of mathematical methods, coupled with excellent IT know-how. Let me give you some examples from our project experience here. I would be delighted if you would contact us in case you have a problem you need to be solved as quick as possible.

Explanation and forecasting models in the energy sector

cyberscooty-graph-800pxEnergy optimization is an increasingly important topic. Our experience in the fields of consumption forecast, pricing modeling and optimization of energy has already been successfully used in multiple projects.

Data quality improvement

math-pi-800pxLack of data quality is a very common problem. By using statistical methods we are able to identify some of these problems and contribute to a significant improvement.

Reliability analyses of technical systems

pgb-chip-math-800pxShould the technical reliability of your technical products be increased? Have you experienced too many warranty claims? Plan to optimize your quality assurance. We have experience in this field for over 20 years.

Risk modeling

cyberscooty-blackboard_math-800pxRisk is a natural component of our everyday lives. One should, however, be able to assess in order to avoid serious mistakes. Our numerous risk calculation models and our experience will help you.


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